Hashicorp Vault


Version 24.1.2
Updated 2024-05-20
Version 24.1.2
Updated 2024-05-20

The HashiCorp Vault plugin is a Release plugin to retrieve secrets from a Vault Server for use in your tasks and automations.


  • vault.Task: Abstract base task which can be extended by other tasks

  • vault.SecretsV1: Task to Access Secrets v1 from Vault

  • vault.SecretsV1-ReadDynamicSecret: Task to read vault SecretsV1-ReadDynamicSecret

  • vault.SecretsV1-CreateSecret: Task to CreateSecret in Vault V1

  • vault.SecretsV1-ReadSecret: Task to read secret from vault V1

  • vault.SecretsV1-ListSecrets:

  • vault.SecretsV1-DeleteSecret: Task to Delete Secret in vault

  • vault.SecretsV1-EnableEngine: Task to Enable Engine vault V1

  • vault.SecretsV2: Task to Access Secrets v2 from Vault

  • vault.SecretsV2-ReadSecret: Task to read secret from vault V2

  • vault.SecretsV2-EnableEngine: Task for vault EnableEngine V2

  • vault.SecretsV2-Configure: Task to Configure vault V2

  • vault.SecretsV2-ReadConfiguration: Task to ReadConfiguration vault V2

  • vault.SecretsV2-ReadSecretVersions: Task to ReadSecretVersions vault V2

  • vault.SecretsV2-CreateSecret: Task to Create Secret in vault V2

  • vault.SecretsV2-PatchExistingSecret: Task to Patch Existing Secret vault V2

  • vault.SecretsV2-DeleteVersion: Task to Delete Version vault in V2

  • vault.SecretsV2-UndeleteVersion: Task to Undelete Version in vault V2

  • vault.SecretsV2-DestroyVersion: Task to Destroy Version in vault V2

  • vault.SecretsV2-ListSecrets: Task to List Secrets from Vault V2

  • vault.SecretsV2-ReadSecretMetadata: Task to Read Secret Metadata from Vault V2

  • vault.SecretsV2-UpdateMetadata: Task to Update Metadata in Vault V2

  • vault.SecretsV2-DeleteMetaDataAndAllVersions: Task to Delete MetaData And AllVersions from Vault V2

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