Version 24.1.2
Updated 2024-05-20
Version 24.1.2
Updated 2024-05-20

Atlassian JIRA is a tool for agile teams to track bugs and issues, plan releases, and manage software development projects.


  • jira.Server: JIRA server configuration.

  • jira.JiraScript: JIRA script to execute.

  • jira.CreateIssue: To create JIRA Issue.

  • jira.CreateIssueJson: To create JIRA issue using JSON.

  • jira.CheckIssue: To Check JIRA issue status.

  • jira.CreateSubtask: To create JIRA sub task.

  • jira.UpdateIssue: To update JIRA Issue.

  • jira.UpdateIssues: To Update multiple JIRA issues.

  • jira.UpdateIssuesByQuery: To update JIRA Issues by query.

  • jira.Query: To query JIRA issues by queries.

  • jira.CheckQuery: To check JIRA queries.

  • jira.GetIssueDetails: To get JIRA issue details.

  • jira.QueryForIssueIds: To query matching issues.

  • jira.CreateVersion: To create project version.

  • jira.GetVersions: To get project version.

  • jira.GetAllSprints: To get list of sprints.

  • jira.IssueTrigger: Triggers release when a new ticket in a list returned by JQL is triggered.

  • jira.UpdateLabels: To update issue label.

  • jira.UpdateFixVersions: To update fix version.

  • jira.JiraQueryTile: Display information from JIRA based on a JQL query.