Container Orchestrations

Our comprehensive Container Orchestration Integrations enable organizations to automate and manage containerized application tasks.

The latest updates include enhancements to the Deploy Podman integration, which allows you to deploy Podman images to create containers. Additionally, you can connect networks and volumes to these containers using the podman integration and auto-discovery of master and namespace in the Kubernetes plugin for both Deploy and Release. also enhanced ArgoRollouts Integration, which provides advanced deployment capabilities such as blue-green, canary, and progressive delivery features to Kubernetes.

Cloud Integrations

Extend our products with an array of ready to use integrations with leading Cloud Platforms.

Latest updates include enhancements to K8s on Cloud platforms integrations like Token based Authentication for Google Cloud Kubernetes, and authorization of k8s cluster on AWS EKS and Azure AKS using service accounts.

Agility Jira Integrations

Jira: Agility is a tool that helps teams set their strategy and link it to their planned work. Jira or other tracking tools that helps you track projects and get work done. They pair perfectly.

By integrating Agility and Jira or other tracking tools via Agility Connect, you can link your work to your strategic vision, share context with development teams, and track your progress via roadmaps and reports.

Agility Azure DevOps(TFS) Integration

Azure (TFS): Integrating Azure DevOps with Agility tool in the value stream makes it easier for business and product development teams to coordinate with each other, accelerating delivery cycles and efficiently scaling agile practices. All strategic requirements from the Agility tool automatically synchronize to Azure DevOps and all the artifacts & work items associated with the strategic requirement synchronize back to the Agility tool.

Agility ServiceNow Integration

ServiceNow: Teams waste tremendous amounts of time “swivel-chairing” between systems, trying to keep records up-to-date in two places and sending emails and chat messages to follow up on details and statuses. And since records in different tools are maintained manually, they’re more prone to error.
But that can all be solved through integration, which is why connecting ServiceNow and the developers’ Agile planning tools is by far the most popular integration use case Agility Connect sees.

Agility MicroFocus ALM QC Integration

MicroFocus ALM QC: We support bi-directional mappings for story to requirements and defect to defect between Agility & QM QC 
This complete cycle of relationship between requirements and defects between agility and quality center is beautifully seen between both the systems and the complete history regarding each work item, be created or update would be maintained in the view log page of agility connect

Agility Salesforce Integration

SFDC: Agility Connect integration for Salesforce lets you manage your customer relations and case management in collaboration with Agility. Integrating Salesforce with systems across the portfolio management, software development and delivery value stream, enterprises can dramatically speed up customer issue resolution times and align business and development teams to focus on common goals