Jira Integration


Version 7.97
Updated 2022-26-07
Version 7.97
Updated 2022-26-07

The integration of Digital.ai Agility (Formerly VersionOne) and Jira Software brings seamless coordination between the product management and development teams, which in turn paves the way for a highly productive, agile delivery chain.


  • 1. System Configuration: Add the systems you want to integrate via ALM Connect (Powered by OpsHub).

  • 2. Mapping Configuration: Map the artifacts and entities of the source system to the target system to ensure seamless data flow.

  • 3. Integration Configuration: Define the parameters of the source & target systems and projects to be integrated for data generation.

  • Configure Integrations link (fields mapping, advanced configurations and additional settings): https://docs.myopshub.com/oim/index.php/Digital.ai_Agility

  • Product Documentation link: https://docs.myopshub.com/oim/index.php/Product_Documentation

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