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Version 7.97
Updated 2022-04-03
Version 7.97
Updated 2022-04-03

TeamForge is a modern, web-based Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) system from Digital.ai. It provides integrated capabilities for planning and tracking of complex application delivery projects. By integrating TeamForge with Jira, enterprises can create complete transparency throughout the development ecosystem. This, in turn, helps in delivering a high-quality product to customers at a faster pace.


  • 1. System Configuration: Add the systems you want to integrate via ALM Connect (Powered by OpsHub).

  • 2. Mapping Configuration: Map the artifacts and entities of the source system to the target system to ensure seamless data flow.

  • 3. Integration Configuration: Define the parameters of the source & target systems and projects to be integrated for data generation.

  • Configure Integrations link (fields mapping, advanced configurations and additional settings): https://docs.myopshub.com/oim/index.php/TeamForge

  • Product Documentation link: https://docs.myopshub.com/oim/index.php/Product_Documentation

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