Version 22.1.2
Updated 2022-06-02
Version 22.1.2
Updated 2022-06-02

Jira is a leading agile work management solution used to help teams plan, assign, track, report, and manage work and particularly used in software development for collaboration across all teams. Intelligence Jira Connector connects to Jira to extract work item transaction data, reference entity data as well as meta data of your Jira configurations (such as definition of custom fields). With Jira data integrated in Intelligence Solutions and Lenses, we enable agile teams to use data-driven insights to improve development efficiency, prioritize the most important features, and deliver products with more value. Leaders can analyze work item status, team velocity, and sprint progress to improve development team performance and create a unified view across the product portfolio.


  • Step 1: Create API token (by creating token)

  • Step 2: Configure the Jira service URL/credentials in Use the API Token/password field for providing token.

  • Step 3: Create a role/user account for on your Jira instance. Login to your Jira Software Server instance using admin credentials.
    Navigate to the Settings menu.
    Select User Management
    Create User
    2. Configure the Jira service URL/credentials in Use the API Token/Password field for providing the password.
    Log in to the Admin Site using the URL and provide your credentials
    Go to Source Instances page.

  • Step 4: Select the correct instance name from the list in the selector on the left.
    Enter the User Name and Password.

  • Step 5: Test the Connection.

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