Version 24.1.2
Updated 2024-05-20
Version 24.1.2
Updated 2024-05-20

Red Hat OpenShift provides container-based software deployment and management based on Kubernetes, Docker containers, and DevOps tools for accelerated application development. The OpenShift plugin for Release enables you to orchestrate builds in your OpenShift instance and to deploy applications and their configurations to an on-premises or cloud-based OpenShift cluster.


  • openshift.conf: Openshift Configuration which extends Python Script

  • openshift.client: Configuration definition for OpenShift Client

  • openshift.server: Configuration definition for OpenShift Server

  • openshift.startBuildApi: Start Build using OpenShift API

  • openshift.imageTagApi: Get Image Tag from OpenShift API

  • openshift.startDeploymentApi: Start Deployment using OpenShift API

  • openshift.serviceStatus: Get Service Status using OpenShift API

  • openshift.task: Task to execute OpenShift Configuration

  • openshift.createConf: Task to Create Configuration using OpenShift CLI

  • openshift.removeConf: Task to Remove Configuration using OpenShift CLI

  • openshift.startBuild: Task to Start Build using OpenShift CLI

  • openshift.imageTag: Task to get Image Tag using OpenShift CLI

  • openshift.startDeployment: Task to Start Deployment using OpenShift CLI

  • openshift.checkService: Task to Check Service using OpenShift CLI

Reference Images

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  • Create Resource task type
  • Set up an OpenShift client
  • Create a Check Service task
  • Create a Start Build task
  • Create a Start Deployment task
  • Create a Image Tag task

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